An Incredible Show of Hearts!

Donations for 2018 surpassed 2017 by half a million dollars!  Another tremendously successful show featuring entertainment by Tyson Venegas, the James Barker Band, Mathew V, the Sojourners, and the Matinee.  Eight hours of heart-felt stories, magic moments and fantastic performances.  Thanks to an incredibly dedicated group of technicians, volunteers, and of course our fantastic hosts, for making this year’s show extra special!

Another Successful Telethon!

HiKu productions was incredibly proud to have produced the 51st Annual Show of Hearts Telethon.  This year’s show featured incredible live performances by Todd Richard, Angela Kelman, Washboard Union, Odds, Dan Mangan and Dallas Smith.  All of these artists banded together for Variety – the Children’s Charity, and the remarkable stories of children across BC resonated with viewers and donors across BC to the tune of over $5Million.

Hosts from Global BC, Corus Radio joined with other media, sports and special interest personalities to introduce the province to courageous families, specialized programs and community facilities and organizations that benefit from the amazing work done by Variety.

The dedicated and talented crew helped us put together eight hours of fantastic and flawless commercial free programming.  An unbelievable feat in this age of short sound bites and 164 letter tweets!

Congratulations to all involved in HiKu’s production of the 51st Annual Show of Hearts Telethon!